Hydro 101 - Now Enrolling!

Want to start a hydroponic garden?

Want to grow organic, pesticide-free herbs & veggies?

Tired of reading conflicting bits of advice all over the Internet?

Not sure where to begin?

Sign-up for the GYOstuff Hydroponics 101 class and get growing in no time!

Hydro 101 is taught by expert growers and held at our Hydroponic and Soil Garden Superstore on Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge. What’s even better is that the cost of this course includes a complete single-plant hydroponic garden system.

This course touches on the following topics:

  • Benefits of hydroponics
  • What you need to grow indoors
  • Basic grow room setup
  • Types of systems
  • Growing media
  • Nutrients/fertilizers
  • Lighting
  • pH monitoring & adjusting

At the end of this hour-long course, you will have your own single-plant hydroponic garden system that you've been thoroughly trained how to use.

$50 per student.

Classes are held daily by appointment. Please call in advance to confirm availability and reserve your spot.

GYOstuff Hydroponics & Indoor Gardens
2400 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

To register and reserve your spot, call us at (617) 945-1654 or email us at orders@GYOstuff.com or stop by our store.

Groups / Private Classes:
We are happy to accommodate groups of any size. If you are a group of 4 or more and would like to schedule a private indoor gardening class, call us at (617) 945-1654 with dates and times that work for your group.

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