What are Mycorrhizal Fungi?

Mycorrhiza (plural: mycorrhizae) is the word for a symbiotic relationship between a fungus and the roots of a vascular plant. This symbiotic relationship entails the colonizing of the roots of a plant by the fungus, and allows the fungus access to carbohydrates produced by the plant with the plant in return receiving the benefits of the fungus’ higher absorptive capacity for water and mineral nutrients, with the mycorrhizal fungi effectively acting as a secondary root system.

These Mycorrhizal fungi are generally divided into two groups, Endomycorrhizas and Ectomycorrhizas. Types of Endomycorrhizas can be found in 85% of all plant families, and occur in numerous crop species. Ectomycorrhizas, on the other hand, are typically formed within the root structures of roughly 10% of plant families, typically woody plants such as the birch, pine, and oak. Both types of Mycorrhizal fungi are beneficial for plants.

Mycorrhizal fungi are utilized in both hydroponic and soil growing in order to help maximize your plants nutrient intake and root system efficiency. When it comes to mycorrhizal fungi, it’s all about the roots.

How do I use Mycorrhizal Fungi?

When you apply Mycorrhizal fungi, the primary goal is to ensure physical contact between the mycorrhizal fungi and the roots of your plant. This can be done by working the fungi into your potting soil, scattering it on the roots of your plant when transplanting it, applying it via a root gel, probing it into your plants root zone, or even just watering it into your plant around the root zone. 

Seeds: If you wish to apply mycorrhizal fungi to your seeds, it is best to start by germinating the fungi by bringing them into contact with water. The mycorrhizal fungi generally germinate within 4 hours after contact, though once they have germinated they are very fragile and need to come into contact with a plant soon in order to begin growing. To bring together the mycorrhizal fungi and the seed, put your mycorrhizal fungi in a bowl, wet the seed, dip it in the mycorrhizal fungi, and then put your seed into your chosen media for germination.

When do I use Mycorrhizal Fungi?

Mycorrhizal fungi should be used whenever growing any sort of plant or tree. In order to make the most of your mycorrhizal fungi, you may wish to use them in early growing stages in order to ensure excellent root growth and access to nutrients for your young plant. In later stages of growth, however, mycorrhizal fungi can be equally as effective in assisting your plant in nutrient uptake and maintaining a strong root system. Be warned, exposing your delicate hair root segments to sterilizers such as hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide can lead to a reduction in their number. It is best to avoid using mycorrhizal fungi in conjunction with sterilizers.

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