1. Locally-owned and operated

GYO is a locally-owned and operated business - a true “Mom N’ Pop Grow Shop.” Eli Constantinou, the owner, and his family are life-long Massachusetts residents. You can trust that when you support GYO, you’re supporting your local community.


2. Professional, knowledgeable & friendly staff

Our friendly staff  welcomes all gardeners - from the most experienced to beginner gardeners who aren’t even sure where to start. Whether on the phone or in person, we take the time to listen, to truly understand each customer’s gardening goals - before suggesting useful tips or products. Our associates not only have factual knowledge of gardening products but also have years of experience from which to draw upon.


3. Incredible, fresh selection of top brands and products

Shopping at GYO means eliminating hours of research and guesswork trying to find the right products. We strive to stay ahead of the curve in indoor, organic and hydroponic growing, so you can trust we offer only the finest grow technology.

Unlike our competition, we never buy liquidated inventory or old, deeply-discounted, soon-to-be-expired nutrients. We receive new products every few days, so when you buy from GYO, rest assured you’re buying only the freshest nutrients, soils and seeds.


We are constantly adding new products to our inventory. We offer the absolute latest in Light Emitting Ceramic, double ended, and LED lighting, as well as a wide range of other trendy items such as Boveda Cure Packshomegrown CO2 and Method Seven sunglasses for HPS-lit grow rooms. One customer of ours commented, “You guys have the stuff that’s been around, but then you also have that new stuff that I see in the magazines.” Yup, that’s the idea. It's no wonder why we were voted the Best Grow Shop in Boston!


4. Monthly sales and consistently low prices

We offer a wide and rotating selection of monthly sale items. Items as sought after as the Grow Flow Ebb & Flow 12-plant hydro systemHouse & Garden’s premium nutrients, our best cloning machines and much more. Our pricing is always comparable to our competitors, and we even price match many items. We also periodically reduce pricing on our most popular items!

5. Post-sale service, plant help hotline

GYO will not only help you get started, but will also be available to assist throughout the grow process. We believe that our job is not to sell gardening supplies – but to ensure that every customer is a successful indoor/outdoor gardener. We’re happy to assist or just lend an ear if you need to bounce around some ideas. Your satisfaction is our priority.

6. Technical Consultations

Have an idea you want to try out but aren’t sure if it will work? Want to build your own system but need a little advice to get started? Not sure which advice to trust on the Internet? When you call GYO, you can trust we’ll listen to your needs and will give you the best help we can give based on years of our own experience. We provide consultations every single day, so don’t ever hesitate to call.

7. Custom grow room design & installation

Want a custom system but want someone else to build it for you? Custom grow room design and installation is just another one of the services we offer that sets us apart from our competitors. We take the time to listen to your needs and ideas and help you create your own green oasis. Prior to opening GYOstuff, Eli Constantinou (the owner) was a professional commercial construction manager for over 20 years. Not only do we have all the products you need but we also have the experience, know-how, thorough knowledge of building systems, and thorough knowledge of local building codes to see your garden project through from inception to harvest. We truly are your One Stop Shop. No other grow shop can offer that! We have a team of builders, electricians and other certified professionals available to help set up your garden so you can just plant and play!


8. Community involvement

We participate in projects with public and private schools, universities, community gardens, garden clubs, day care centers, farmer’s markets, and local fairs and festivals. Being active in our community is important to us, not only because without the community we’d cease to thrive as a business, but also because we care about the next generation growing up in our community. At GYO, we partner with educators to teach young people how to grow their own. Cambridge is sure to become the greenest community around!

9. Privacy

Unlike other stores, we do NOT share any customer information with anyone. Ever.

10. Discreet shipping

Perfect for sending gifts!

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